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Carpet Cleaner (6)

Carpet cleaner (the dirty water tank and clean water tank are detachable)

Fee: £ 0.00 per borrow

Location: Bedminster
Condition: C - Good
Brand: Tower
Code: SB-1238

Tower Aquajet Plus carpet cleaner. Powerful aqua jets penetrate deep into the pile. Heavy duty bristles remove embedded dirt. Easy to use lightweight design. Large 2.3L clean water tank for longer cleaning time.

To use:
Make sure you have thoroughly vacuumed your floor first. Failure to do this will clog the machine, result in the machine not working and create dirt throughout the machine, which will likely result in a cleaning fee being charged.
Detach the top tank and fill to the fill line with clean water and carpet cleaner fluid if desired.
Reattach the tank by pushing down VERY firmly until it clicks into place.
Plug the machine into the mains and turn on at the left hand side.
Run the machine over the area to be cleaned whilst depressing the trigger on the handle.
To suck the dirty water back into the machine, run it over the wet area without the trigger pressed down.
To empty the dirty water tank, push back the clip behind the handle at the front and gently lift off.

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