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Plastic mule and base, saddle, blanket, shovel, canteen, 2 pans, bedroom, lantern, hat, rope, dynamite, sack, guitar
Instruction manual

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Location: Kingswood
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Hasbro
Code: SB-1451

Get ready to Buckaroo! This hilarious family game brings kids on a Wild West adventure with a moody mule. How much can you stack on the Buckaroo game before he starts kicking?

Take turns loading saddles, shovels, blankets and more on your trusty mule. Add a pan and a lantern, a bedroll, some rope, dynamite, a hat, a holster and a guitar – but once that mule starts kicking, the game is over. The Buckaroo game features 12 play pieces in 3 levels of difficulty: blue, red and green.

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