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Bike bleed kit

35ml capacity funnel
10 thread adaptors
Stopper for inserting into funnel
Plastic stand to house all of the above

Bleed bottle with metal hook

Small wrench
Allen key

3 x caliper blocks compatible with different brake types

3 x tubes
2x plastic tube clamps

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Location: Kingswood
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Efanty
Code: SB-0872
Serial: X001ADZ5WH

Bike Bleed Kit
Efanty brake bleed kit equipped with dual oil reservoir and flexibly respond to various brake oil injection tasks.

Multifunctional connector group, wider application range.

35ml large funnel.

Flexible adapter for quick replacement without the need for unplugging

Road and mountain dual purpose.

Use of plastic gloves when using this item to bleed mineral brake fluid is advised.

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