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Leaf Blower & Vacuum

1. Vacuum body
2. Collection bag
3. Strap
4. 2 tubs
5. Nozzle
6. Instruction manual

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Location: Bedminster
Condition: C - Good
Brand: BOSCH
Code: SB-0849
Serial: ASL30

This Bosch ALS 30 Electric Garden blower & vacuum is suitable for removing leaves and waste from your garden.

3000W / 230V AC / 50Hz
Collection capacity - 45L
Manufacturer guarantee: 2 years

Features and benefits
- Ergonomically shaped handles for better weight distribution and more comfort
10:1 shredding means fewer trips to the compost heap
- Adjustable blower speed of up to 300 km/h for easy sweeping and removal of sticky wet leaves
- Lightweight for effortless collection of garden foliage

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