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Monopoly Cityville

4 Movers
66 Buildings
16 Sky Scraper tops
City Money
Zoning Permit cards
Mystery Gift cards
Visitor Centre cards
2 Dice
Printed instructions (also available online)

Fee: £ 0.00 per borrow

Location: Kingswood
Condition: C - Good
Brand: Hasbro
Code: SB-0543

Now you can build the city of your dreams together, right at home. With this CITYVILLE edition of the MONOPOLY game, you can buy the properties you love from the online game and build on them as you wish! Be the first to grow your neighborhoods and build four skyscrapers to win! Pick your favorite mover and then start buying up properties in this CITYVILLE-inspired MONOPOLY game. You’re the mayor and you need to grow your city to keep the citizens happy.

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