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Pressure Washer (8)

Pressure washer
Hose with gun
Lance attachment

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Location: Bedminster
Condition: C - Good
Brand: Performance Power
Code: SB-1251

Performance Power Pressure Washer PP1300. 1300w. Adjustable jet with pencil or fan pattern. To adjust water jet twist end of lance.
Detergent dispenser can be fitted to end of lance but can only be used on low pressure/fan jet. Regulate detergent flow by adjusting the top of the dispenser.

Connect a hose to the front of the pressure washer using a hose adaptor. Make sure all joins are water tight.
Make sure you are safe to use the machine, turn on the water supply and then the electricity. Hold in the trigger and then switch on the pressure washer.
Do not run the pressure washer without water as this may damage it. Turn it off when it is not being used.
Turn off the electricity and then the water.

Max pump pressure - 1400Psi (100bar).
Average water flow rate - 300 litres an hour.
Max water inlet pressure - 150 Psi (10 bar).
Max water inlet temperature - 50 degrees C.
Max noise at 1m - 70dB.
Weight 9kg.

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