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Paper log maker

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Location: Kingswood
Condition: C - Good
Brand: Eko-mania
Code: SB-0815

The Eko-Mania Heavy Duty Paper Log Maker allows you to convert old newspapers, junk mail, shredded paper, cardboard, wood chippings and wrapping paper into fuel. It's all metal construction.

It is useful for producing free heat from unwanted newspapers, magazines, junk mail and used envelopes. After removing any magazine staples, soak the paper for a day or two in a bucket of water. Give it an occasional stir to speed up the paper breakdown if required. Logs with a good proportion of newspaper burn better. Once mushy, fill the paper log maker and then squeeze out the excess moisture using the levers. Remove the log and place to one side to dry. A greenhouse or garage is ideal for this but obviously the warmer the area, the quicker they dry. Once totally dry, use the paper logs on the fire.

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